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I'm a novelist and editor focused on the craft of storytelling.


I'm a writer, editor, and book designer. I've have made my living through creativity and words for a few decades now. As a writer and then creative director in advertising, I rose to the top tier of the Chicago advertising scene, then left it to try screenwriting.

In Hollywood, I became a writer/story editor at Filmation, one of the top five animation studios—look for my screenplay credit next time you rent my adaptation of The Little Engine that Could at your local video store. But L.A. is not a hospitable place to live and raise small children, so I left to focus on quality of life and writing.

In 2001 I launched (now, and have editing and book-design clients from the Pacific Northwest to Switzerland.

On the writing side, I've had novels represented by a literary agent, although I'm currently seeking a change in representation. I've written four novels that range from literary fantasy to a coming-of-age mystery.


interested in helping novelists. email me with questions.